Roaming analysis of the air quality in Paris using Ecombox

AirParif partnered with ECOMESURE on data acquisition on a mobile measurement campaign. 4 analyzers were placed into a car (2 TSI Dustraks and 2 42i) in Paris. Two of them were sampling the air from outside the car and two of them the air from inside. The aim of this study was to characterize the efficiency of the car air filters. All data were synchronized (GPS and pollution measurements) & stored on the same database available in real-time. Ecombox offers potential cost savings such as data collection and aggregation and reduction of downtime for instrument/acquisition problem.

AIRPARIF, an association whose role is to monitor the air quality in the Ile de France region, used Ecomesure for a project carried out with GEODIS (part of the SNCF Logistics group) to fine-tune the relevance of air quality measurements in Paris. The aim of this program is to test the reliability of the existing devices, particularly in transport situations.  

The GEODIS vehicle is equipped with air quality measuring instruments supplied by AIRPARIF, including the ECOMBOX, which collects and centralizes data. As a result, all the synchronized data (GPS and pollution measurements) is stored in one same database, accessible in real time (ECOMSAAS). Ecombox offers significant cost savings in terms of data collection and aggregation and a substantial reduction in downtime due to equipment or acquisition system malfunction or failure and contributes directly to the improvement of the quality of the data.


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