Air and noise monitoring on a soil depollution site

Construction work generates dust that can be harmful to the environment and to workers involved in demolition or excavation or operating in confined spaces. Air quality and noise monitoring is essential.

Ecomesure proposed to set up a network of surveillance sensors (air quality and noise) to enhance construction site management as a solution for REMEA, a company that specialises in soil decontamination. We provided web platform services (EcomSaaS) for environmental data monitoring : data visualisation, mapping, storage, downloading, remote control, alarms/alerts, data post-treatment, analysis report, API link, export data base. 


  • Data centralization and management on a single platform of any measurement device 
  • Plug-and-play system : simple to use and maintain 
  • Environmental adaptability (waterproof and compact device) 
  • Ongoing monitoring : alerts in case pollution tresholds by sms or email



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