Ecomesure offers online air quality data analysis services on its web platform EcomSaaS

EcomReport is an online automated and customized report editing service that allows clients to have an easier way to process and analyze air quality data. These reports provide an overview of measurements from IoT Ecomesure's sensors gathered on the web platform as well as their interpretation according to a selection of air quality standards or customized limit values. 

EcomSaaS Report: 

  • Identifies pollution peaks
  • Displays real-time data compared to air quality standards
  • Allows flexibility in comparison criteria (US EPA, AQHI, CITEAIR etc.)
  • Offers range of unit values (e.g., ppm, ppb, microgram/m3 etc.)

This powerful tool: 

  • Works will all Ecomesure hardware: Ecomzen, Ecomsmart, Ecomlite 
  • For both Indoor and Outdoor applications (qualification of ambient/indoor air, health risks awareness and prevention in sensitive environments, certification of new real estate infrastructures...)
  • Reduces report preparation time

Thanks to EcomReport get data reporting fast and reliable!

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ECOMREPORT- Air quality data analysis

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