Ecomesure assists its customers in using and maintaining its measurement systems in every phase of their projects.

Annual Helpdesk

Ecomesure’s dedicated customer support team is available to answer all your questions about how to operate its connected systems and associated web services.

Customer support, which can be reached by email at support@ecomesure.com, is included with the purchase of any connected system and provided at a fixed hourly rate per purchased sensor.

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Maintenance of Ecomesure’s connected systems

To guarantee the accuracy of measurements over time, Ecomesure recommends replacing the sensor cartridges in your connected systems once a year. Maintenance is reduced to one easy step: simply send Ecomesure the old cartridges for recalibration and recycling in its laboratories.

Replacing your old cartridges is also a good time to change your system configuration (measured pollutants, connectivity) and tailor it to other measurement surveys.

Replace a sensor cartridge

Maintenance of scientific instruments

Ecomesure performs preventive maintenance of measuring instruments.

Ecomesure has an on-site laboratory for performing annual instrument maintenance and checks. These operations include:
  • Cleaning
  • Replacement of consumables
  • Adjustments
  • Checks of the various sensors
  • Calibration

Each device is tested according to a reference method to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. As a guarantee of quality, an inspection and calibration certificate is issued for every device.

Ecomesure performs curative maintenance of your devices Ecomesure works hand in hand with its partner suppliers to diagnose malfunctions and repair your instruments. In addition, Ecomesure can help you replace spare parts for your devices.

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