Ecomesure leverages its expertise to design innovative custom solutions.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Do you have a specific environmental monitoring project? Ecomesure develops, builds and commissions fully integrated solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Thanks to its fully in-house R&D team, Ecomesure has a solid handle on all the technological building blocks needed to make your project a reality: sensor technology, electronic integration, communication systems and data management. This expertise enables Ecomesure to achieve its goal of making environmental data collection and processing accessible, whatever your project may be.

Steps in the Ecomesure support process:

Pre-installation audit

Customers can choose to have a pre-installation audit conducted by Ecomesure’s environmental monitoring and microsensor technology experts.

The purpose of these audits is to determine the best sensor locations according to the geographical area and the objectives of each project. Ecomesure’s experts take the following parameters into account:

  • Site topography
  • Local sources of pollution
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Potential sources of interference
  • The risk of vandalism

A successful monitoring project is one that stands the test of time and achieves its objectives. Pre-installation audits ensure that the measurement systems deployed in your project optimally cover the area under study and minimize the need for post-installation adjustment and relocation.

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