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Comprehensive environmental monitoring

The EcomTrek mobile outdoor air quality monitor
ECOMZEN 2, new-generation indoor air quality monitor
The EcomZen 2 indoor air quality monitor
ECOMLITE 2, the new-generation indoor comfort monitor
The EcomLite 2 indoor comfort monitor
ECOMSMART for ambient air quality
The EcomSmart outdoor air quality monitor
ECOMZEN for indoor air quality monitoring
The EcomZen indoor air quality monitor
L’ECOMBOX, pour connecter vos instruments
The EcomBox IoT gateway for managing any device, instrument or sensor
L’IOBOX, pour traiter les signaux analogiques et numériques
The IoBox analog-to-digital converter

Associated services

Access the platform easily, view the measurements and data and control your sensors remotely.
Monitor environmental data with our web service package EcomSaaS
EcomPlay — the mobile app
EcomPlay, the mobile application to install your devices
Analyses des données
EcomReport, pour télécharger des rapports d’analyse de données
Analyses des données
Download data analysis reports with EcomReport

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