Ecomesure innovates to preserve the environment and promote public health and well-being

We deliver smart solutions for monitoring air quality and other environmental parameters, to support healthy people and a prospering planet.

The company is organized into two business units. We develop and provide connected systems and SaaS (software as a service) data management solutions worldwide and we distribute scientific instruments and offer maintenance all throughout France.

Ecomesure operates from its offices in the largest scientific research-intensive clusters in the world. Its headquarters are located in the Paris-Saclay R&D hub in France, and its American subsidiary is based in Boston.

We lead the way from our unique position on the air quality monitoring market, with over 30 years in metrology and measuring instrument calibration. 

Well-versed in all the technological building blocks of the value chain, our in-house R&D team masters:

  • Integration of electronic components
  • Communications systems
  • Database management
  • Cybersecurity
  • AI
  • SaaS via the web platform model
  • Front-end applications based on UX and UI

Our solutions are by design comprehensive, accessible, customizable to your manufacturing or industrial set-up, easy-to-deploy, and simple to maintain. Our customer-centric technical support guarantees a satisfactory experience, starting with needs analysis, through solutions development and deployment, after-sales service and finally, post-deployment data analysis. 

Resolutely focused on international markets and driven by innovation, Ecomesure has posted solid growth. Export sales of connected systems exceed 75%, and the company invests 10% of revenue in R&D. Ecomesure has carried out over 300 projects in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our references vary widely from industry, research, quality control and environment service providers, to the public sector, city and regional governments.

Our values

Provide high-quality products and impeccable service

Deliver products and services at the leading edge of technology

Offer scalable solutions that can be deployed anywhere in the world

Provide easy-to-use products and data services

Environmental and social commitment 
Work hand in hand with the local ecosystem and master the life cycle of our products

Our vision

The increase in development, mobility and urbanization has exposed the need to better protect our planet, resources and public health.

IoT, data analytics, big data and artificial intelligence are just a few of the emerging technologies that are helping us to better understand environmental phenomena and develop new services. It is therefore vital that we act swiftly without waiting for regulations to be put in place.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that improve people's quality of life and save the planet:

  • Connected solutions that democratize access to environmental data and make data management easy and affordable
  • Services that explain environmental phenomena and recommend how to deal with them
Notre Vision

The technology behind our connected systems is protected by the following U.S. and European patents "Universal Communication System for Measurement Apparatuses, Method of Communication Relating Thereto":

  • USPTO: 10064083
  • EPO: WO2016/151096
  • INPI: 1552497

We are an ISO 9001-certified company and make your satisfaction our top priority.

As a sign of our commitment to quality and excellence, all of our equipment is factory-tested according to a stringent protocol and individually monitored throughout its lifetime.

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As a company that encourages innovation, and cares about air quality and environmental issues, Ecomesure is affiliated with:

CCI Essonne
French Tech
Île de France
Paris Région Entreprise
Paris Saclay
Green Healthy Schools

Technological partners

ECOMESURE works in close collaboration with technological partners, research laboratories or engineering consulting firms, to develop innovative products and solutions.


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