ECOMESURE, a cleantech company based in PARIS-SACLAY

Ecomesure is an innovative French company specializing in instrumentation and connected systems for environmental data monitoring.

Created in 1993, Ecomesure assists its customers in the research and application of thorough and innovative solutions for the analysis of contaminants and particulate pollutants (liquid or gas) in line with current regulations and growing environmental and health concerns.

We provide our customers with innovative air quality monitoring solutions:

  • Products sampling and analyzers for measuring gases and particles
  • Integrated solutions
  • Communication and connection systems
  • Data management and data analysis solutions
  • Added value services including installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, after-sales service, engineering

In 2014, building on its well-established activity of distribution, integration and maintenance of scientific instruments in France, Ecomesure developed a second activity of designing, manufacturing and selling connected systems for environmental data monitoring in France and internationally.

Today, we allocate more than 10% of our turnover to Research and Development and we own a major international patent for the communication architecture, level of security and data management (patent n° 1552497). 

While focusing simultaneously on international development, we have deployed more than 200 connected systems projects in more than 20 countries all over the world:

  • Europe (France, Monaco, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Lithuania)
  • North America (USA/Canada)
  • South America (Mexico)
  • South-East Asia (Japon, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • India
  • Australia 
  • Africa (Morocco, Madagascar, Senegal)
  • United Arab Emirates 

We have been actively working with partners in the United States and Canada since 2016 and currently in Southeast Asia, India and Africa. 

Located within the Paris-Saclay area, one of the most important innovation clusters in the world, the company is well known and established in the cleantech ecosystem. 

Our values

providing high quality products & impeccable services

delivering products and services on the cutting edge of technology

offering rapid and tailored solutions

facilitating product use and access to ECOMESURE services

Respect for people and the environment
working towards sustainable development

Our vision

Global environmental, resource and health concerns are increasing due to development, mobility and urbanization.

In this context new technologies are emerging that enable a better understanding of environmental phenomena leading to the development of new services: connected objects, data analytics, big data and artificial intelligence. It is therefore important to act quickly and before regulations are put in place.

Our mission is to offer innovative solutions that help provide a better quality of life and save the planet:

  • Connected solutions that generalize access to environmental data and makes data management easy at an affordable price
  • Services to explain environmental phenomena and to recommend courses of action
Notre Vision

The technology of Ecomesure’s connected systems is patented in the United States and Europe as « Universal Communication system for measurement apparatuses, method of communication relating thereto»

  • USPTO: 10064083
  • EPO: WO2016/151096
  • INPI: 1552497

ISO 9001 certified, our company puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its concerns.

Proof of its quality and thoroughness, 100% of the equipment provided by ECOMESURE is tested according to a strict protocol and is then subject to individual monitoring throughout its lifetime.

Management team

Damien Pelletier

Damien Pelletier
CEO & Owner

Fabio Furlan

Fabio Furlan

Benjamin Vancoillie

Benjamin Vancoillie
Operations Director

Julie Pelletier

Julie Pelletier
Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Sylvain Bourgeon

Sylvain Bourgeon
Sales Manager

Juliette Chassin

Juliette Chassin
Supply Chain Manager

Laurent Remy

Laurent Remy
Business Development Manager

Ecomesure is recruiting

Ecomesure is recruiting
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Concerned about innovation, air quality news and environmental issues, ECOMESURE belongs to :

CCI Essonne
Deee pro
Eco entreprises
French Tech
Île de France
Club Ademe
Paris Région Entreprise
Paris Saclay
French tech Paris Saclay

Technological partners

ECOMESURE works in close collaboration with technological partners, research laboratories or engineering consulting firms, to develop innovative products and solutions.


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