Ecomesure assists its customers with installation and on-site deployment of sensor networks.


Once your devices have been received, Ecomesure’s team will set up a remote meeting to guide you step by step in configuring your connected systems and demonstrate the various web services accessible on the https://ws.i-comesure.com/ platform.

The EcomPlay mobile application, also simplifies your experience by helping you to install and configure second-generation Ecomesure systems.

Both services enable you to get a handle on Ecomesure’s devices and associated services so that you can use them without the need for outside assistance.


Ecomesure’s devices can be installed directly on your site (industrial sites, urban areas, natural areas) with its on-site support.

Specialized technicians are required when devices are to be installed in challenging environments, such as at heights, on flue-gas stacks or at airports.

In such cases, Ecomesure’s teams travel to your site to install the devices.

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Ecomesure offers training courses to teach you everything you need to know about its devices and how to operate them. These courses can be delivered at Ecomesure’s offices or directly on your site. These training courses are split into three segments:

  • Presentation of the operating principle behind Ecomesure’s devices followed by detailed physical description and an explanation of the measurement principle
  • Demonstration of the features of Ecomesure’s web services and products
  • Explanation of maintenance operations

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