Connected Mobile Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

Ambient air quality varies over the course of a day and even from one street to another. Road traffic, street plans, weather conditions and construction works contribute to these fluctuations. EcomTrek is a mobile outdoor air quality monitor designed to improve understanding of air pollution by measuring air quality at finer and broader spatial and temporal scales.

It can be mounted on any type of vehicle and measures a wide range of parameters:

  • Air quality:
    • Fine particles concentrations:​ PM1, PM2.5,  PM10
    • Gaz: NO2, O3, NH3, VOC, CO2, CO, NO, SO2, H2S... (available on request)
  • Environmental parameters : air temperature, air pressure and relative humidity
  • Noise
  • Means of localization: GPS and accelerometer

The EcomTrek monitor measures air quality levels in real time and automatically uploads this data to i-comesure, a secure online platform where all data management services are available 24/7.

Couldn't be easier to use

EcomTrek installs easily and quickly. Simply place the magnetic mount on a flat surface of any vehicle and plug the cord into the vehicle's cigarette lighter. Measured data are automatically uploaded to the i-comesure web platform as soon as cellular network signals are received.

Air pollution mapping

The EcomTrek's triaxial accelerometer and GPS receiver transmit the vehicle's position in real time. It allows you to map urban pollution and make daily assessments of exposure risks. Its 10-second sampling interval enables a higher density of data to be obtained so that you can refine air quality analyses and improve predictive models.

All modes of transportation

EcomTrek can be installed on a multitude of vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks and even drones.

Low & sustainable maintenance

The only maintenance required is replacing the sensor cartridge! If you join our recycling program, you can send us your old cartridge for recycling and for recalibration of the sensors in our labs.

Customize your smart system to match your specific needs

  • Add only the sensors you need: up to 3 electrochemical, one PID, one NDIR and one optical sensor;
  • Choose the connectivity of your device (4G/LTE-M)

A host of applications:

Urban traffic, Smart cities, Monitoring networks, service for local and regional governments, service for users.

EcomTrek's benefits



Thanks to its backup battery and built-in memory, EcomTrek will keep measuring environmental data in the event of a network or power outage. Measurement campaigns are never interrupted!



Our air flow studies show that EcomTrek has the best representativeness of measurements at both low and high velocities. The sensor calibration process is controlled to ensure accurate measurements over time.



EcomTrek features a magnetic mount that is quick to install, easy to reposition and leaves no scratches or marks. Data are transmitted in real time or can be retrieved after each measurement campaign.

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The technology behind the EcomTrek is protected by the following U.S. and European patents "Universal Communication System for Measurement Apparatuses, Method of Communication Relating Thereto":

  • USPTO: 10064083
  • EPO: WO2016/151096
  • INPI: 1552497

EcomSaaS & API

Accessing your data


Learn how to use the SaaS platform to control the sensors and manage data in real time.

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