The Canadian city of Sherbrooke deploys fixed and portable air quality monitors

TERA Group won the call for technological innovation projects launched by the City of Sherbrooke as part of its Validation of Pilot Technological Innovations (VITE) program.


Microsensors implementation for a clearer picture of air quality in real time

Under this VITE program, Ecomesures EcomTrek portable monitors and EcomSmart fixed monitors are being used to measure fine particles, ozone (O3), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at strategic points around the city. The portable monitors sit atop buses as they move around town and the fixed monitors are installed on bus shelters.


Collocation testing of the monitors and intercomparison with nearby reference monitors were performed before the launch of the measurement survey to confirm the datas validity


The data collected by the monitors are automatically uploaded to Ecomesure’s i-comesure online platform and are being used in a research project on the modeling and development of an air pollution alert system. The platform enables the University of Sherbrooke to easily analyze, download, and manage the data. 


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