Indoor air quality is a public health issue, especially in schools and public assembly buildings, where occupants are more susceptible and more likely to develop health problems as a result of prolonged exposure to air pollution.  

EcomNano measures carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in real time and alerts you when their concentrations exceed U.S. EPA guidelines. It automatically transfers these data to i-comesure, our secure online platform where you can access, manage and analyze them 24/7. 

Air stuffiness LED

Because CO2 is a good indicator of indoor ventilation rates, EcomNano features a multicolor LED that alerts you when a room needs to be ventilated.

You can set your own maximum CO2 concentration or use the maximum of 1000 ppm recommended in ASHRAE Standard 62–2001.  

Air stuffiness
School - CO2

EcomNano for healthy and safe school environments

Installing measurement technologies in schools is an integral part of IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit, the U.S. EPAs practical plan to improve indoor air quality in schools. Real-time data collection and instantaneous reading of CO2 concentrations make it easy for IAQ coordinators to evaluate comfort levels and swiftly implement corrective actions.  

EcomNano helps you to provide healthy school environments and contribute to student health and well-being by reducing absenteeism, asthma and allergies caused by poor indoor air quality. 

EcomNano's benefits



Customizable maximum CO2 concentration value



Plug-and-Play functionality: easy installation and setup in less than 10 minutes



Battery life of up to five years depending on the connectivity used and the frequency of data transmission. 


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