Real-time services for monitoring and controlling sensitive sites

Discover EcomWatch, the advanced environmental hypervision service that allows you to monitor and manage industrial site pollution in real-time, enabling quick response to anomalies.

Dynamic Data Visualization

Environmental data (air quality, sound levels, wind speed) measured in real time is automatically updated and scrolls on the platform's dashboard, allowing for quick alerts in case of any deviations.

Dynamic air quality data visualization
Configuration of air pollution alerts

Instant and Configurable Alerts

EcomWatch takes proactive monitoring to the next level. Configure visual alerts based on pollutant values, exceeding limits, or disconnection times.

This function allows you to:

  • Focus on the most critical information.
  • Take immediate action.
  • Mitigate health risks

Accurate Representation of Your Sites

Import maps and site-specific plans to locate air quality, noise, wind speed, and direction measurement systems.

Combine air quality and wind data to gain insights into how pollutants disperse across your sites.

Specific plan

The benefits of EcomWatch


Simplified Access

Customizing your dashboard gives you instant access to the information you deem most relevant


Informed Decision-Making

Visual warnings highlight critical situations for informed and fast decision-making


Full Compatibility

EcomWatch is compatible with all Ecomesure systems and other integrated sensors, providing a complete solution for your monitoring needs


EcomWatch is an advanced and complementary service of EcomSaaS.


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