Monitoring particulate matters on a quarry

Quarrying operations generate dust in the workplace at every stage (scraping, extraction, treatment, maintenance, and so on).

In order to protect Environment, Health and Safety on site, EUROVIA, (a subsidiary of VINCI group) specialized in highway and railway infrastructures,  wanted to collect data for dust control. According to its measurement needs, ECOMESURE proposed to EUROVIA, a scientific instrument associated with a web platform for continuously data monitoring.

The technical solution provided involved : 

The solution was based on a nephelometer (ADR1500) which measures the mass concentration of suspended dust particles in real-time, associated with a universal communication box (EcomBox) which centralizes data from measuring instruments on a dedicated and secure web platform (EcomSaaS).
  • Installing ambient Thermo Scientific ADR1500 Area Dust Monitor for continuous monitoring,
  • Implementing an agnostic connection box (EcomBox) to connect the measuring instruments to the internet. It acts as a router between the installations’ various modes of communication and the internet server,
  • Making available the web platform’s services (EcomSaaS) for monitoring environmental data via a secure protocol (SSL): data visualization, mapping, storage, downloading directly of through FTP, remote control, alarms/ alerts, data post-processing, data analysis reports, API links for integrating the data with other platforms.

Advantages : 

  • Data – from all types of measuring devices – are centralized, managed and kept secure on a single platform
  • Easy to install and use (plug and play)
  • Savings on maintenance (predictive and preventative) for managing measuring instruments

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