Analyseur de poussières en temps réel à poste fixe – ADR-1500
Compatible ECOMBOX
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Analyzers gas / particle
Real time monitoring of air pollutants (dust, gas)

The ADR-1500 Area Dust Monitor is a nephelometer allowing real-time, airborne dust mass concentration measurements. Air is drawn by an internal pump at a volumetric flow rate adjustable from 1 lpm to 3.5 lpm. Depending on the operator's need, particulate size separation allows Total Dust, PM1, PM2.5, Thoracic Dust (PM10), or Alveolar Dust (PM4) concentration measurements. 

This separation is achieved by cyclones. The dust thus selected then enters a measuring cell illuminated by a diode emitting in the near-infrared.

The light scattered by the dust is measured by a photodetector.

Typical applications for the ADR-1500 are the real-time monitoring of dust concentrations:

  • in ambient air
  • on contaminated sites
  • on construction or renovation sites
  • on the outskirts of industrial sites

The ADR-1500 has an internal memory allowing storage of more than 50 000 measurements. Each record includes the average mass concentration during the set interval, temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, error codes, date, time, and a number allowing measurement location identification.

The averaging time can be set for any time between 1 second and 1 hour.

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