Our connected systems are compatible with LTE-M and LoRaWAN technologies.

ECOMESURE embeds several communication modes for its air quality monitoring devices in order to suit clients’ projects and meet their needs in terms of energy consumption, data collection and data visualization.

Orange Business Services and Objenious - Bouygues Telecom trust us: our connected systems are certified for use on LTE-M and LoRaWAN networks. Both LTE-M and LoRa technologies allow long-range communication and promote IoT expansion.They facilitate many projects such as Smart Cities implementations.

Each of these networks have their own advantages.

Based on radio technology, the LoRaWAN network insures:

  • An optimal security of data and network
  • A low energy consumption
  • A great penetration capacity in buildings and basements


The LTE-M network uses 4G frequency band and offers:

  • An expanded and long-range network coverage.
  • A high performance in terms of data rates, which is useful to meet mobility or real-time needs. 
  • A low latency

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Orange Business Services and Objenious

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