Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

We inform you of the measures that we have adopted in order to be able to continue to support you during this special period, while ensuring the safety of all as a priority:

  • We apply the confinement guidelines and have set up a telecommuting organization for part of the company's personnel, allowing us to ensure continuity of operations, as long as our suppliers and transporters continue their activities, 
  • Our IT organization allowing us to access all our resources remotely, so we are able to continue without interruption and remotely the processing of your current files and projects,
  • We remain of course reachable, preferably on mobile phones, 
  • We suspend meetings in our offices and outside appointments and we prefer telephone meetings or videoconferences for which we have tools (Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.).

Thus, our teams remain totally committed to supporting your projects. 

Hoping that the respect of the safety instructions by all ensure a back to normal life as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, take care of yourself and your teams. 

Kind regards, 


CEO, Ecomesure


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