ECOMESURE is pleased to announce the setup of its subsidiary in Boston. This new strategic investment is expected further to increase the rapid growth of ECOMESURE and to reinforce its commitment towards its US-based customers. 


The opening of ECOMESURE Inc. is an important milestone for the company on the path of expansion in the US market, and the result of a series of successful deployments with trustful partners. “The US market is a key market for ECOMESURE. Through our new company we aim to further strengthen our growing presence in the US market and support our US business partners while developing new and advanced products in the field of environmental data monitoring and analysis” explained M. Damien Pelletier, Ecomesure President.

Julie PELLETIER, who has been working for more than 4 years as Marketing and Partnerships Manager, has been promoted in 2022 to a new position as North America Regional Manager of our subsidiary Ecomesure Inc. in the United States, while overseeing global marketing. She is our privileged representative in the region. If you have a project in North America, please contact Julie at +1 (914) 291-5666 and julie.pelletier@ecomesure.com


About Ecomesure: ECOMESURE is technology development company specialized in instrumentation, connected systems, and SaaS for environmental and operational data monitoring and analysis, and as such, develops, manufactures and distributes on a worldwide basis, IoT gateways for any kind of sensors (including but not limited to EcomBox), connected sensors for outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring (including but not limited to EcomSmartEcomZen, and EcomLite), and associated services on web platform in SaaS mode (EcomSaaS) for controlling sensors and managing data. The technology is patented in Europe and the USA and distinguishes itself by the high level of security in relation to the transfer of data, which is a critical issue for sensitive infrastructures. ECOMESURE’s solutions are simple, effective, affordable, and therefore ideal for Hygiene, Safety and Environment in industries and construction work, and smart cities, smart ports, and smart buildings.

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