ECOMESURE is excited to announce its partnership with SINAY, which offers the Sinay Hub, a unique platform dedicated to maritime industries.

ECOMESURE, SINAY, a common commitment

We are committed together to support maritime companies to face the environmental and health issues related to their activities.

The SINAY platform offers various modules including ship arrival time prediction, water quality and air quality. This last topic brings is particularly relevant to us: port areas and their effects on air quality are at the heart of environmental and public health concerns.

Air quality awareness for port sustainability

Maritime transport accounts for about 3.3% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and about 2% of global black carbon emissions1. Port areas are also significant sources of emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur oxide (SOx), and fine particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5).

ECOMESURE deploys systems to monitor air quality, noise level and wind speed and direction to support ports in implementing a more sustainable strategy. Thanks to our systems, our clients can densify the measurement points, map the environmental pollution linked to port activities and comply with the local regulations. 

SINAY connects our sensors to their platform and thus aggregates our environmental data with logistics data to provide stakeholders with a 360° view of their maritime activities.

A shared conviction: data and artificial intelligence are key!

We are both convinced that real-time data augmented by artificial intelligence provides us with a better understanding of environmental phenomena and helps us to make relevant decisions quickly.  

On the one hand, ECOMESURE uses artificial intelligence to optimize the calibrating process of its air quality sensors and eliminate the biases linked to measurement drift over time. Smart ports then benefit from more accurate and reliable real-time air quality data over the long term.

On the other hand, SINAY relies on artificial intelligence to analyze and accurately predict the arrival time of vessels: an excellent way to optimize routes and reduce ship waiting times in port. 

Are you interested in making your maritime activities more sustainable and benefit from key indicators in real time? Contact info@ecomesure.com

1 D. A. Lack  and J. J. Corbett 2012 - Black carbon from ships: a review of the effects of ship speed, fuel quality and exhaust gas scrubbing


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