Ecomesure launches EcomNano, the smallest smart sensor of its products range dedicated to air quality monitoring in schools, preschools and public facilities.

EcomNano collects data in real time and wirelessly transmits them to Ecomesure's web platform. It allows you to ensure that the air quality is healthy and to alert when thresholds are exceeded.

The EcomNano sensor in your premises to promote public health and well-being

EcomNano measures carbon dioxide (CO2) and lets you know when it's time to ventilate a room. From a CO2 concentration of 1,000 ppm, effects on health, comfort or performance are observed such as asthma symptoms and decreasing in cognitive abilities. Monitoring this parameter in real time is essential, especially in classrooms that are more prone to high CO2 concentrations.

Government action plans recommend CO2 measurement

Installing measurement technologies in schools is an integral part of IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit, the U.S. EPAs practical plan to improve indoor air quality and familiarize children with IAQ issues. 

Other buildings are concerned with this issue such as care home and medical institutions and sport facilities. The Ecomesure Team is at your disposal to help you implement air quality monitoring in your buildings. To learn more, contact info@ecomesure.com.


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