Calibrate your systems directly in the field

EcomCal lets you calibrate your systems directly where they are installed and adjust their calibration to environmental and operating conditions. Accessible via Ecomesure’s online platform, EcomCal saves you considerable time and optimizes the performance of your connected systems.

Define your calibration process

EcomCal gives you total control over the calibration process:

  • Define which pollutants you want to calibrate for;
  • Select calibration dates, times and periods according to your operational requirements;
  • Choose one-point or two-point calibration: ambient air, zero air or with injection of calibration gas.

Visualize data in real time

Measured values are displayed in real time to enable you to monitor your calibration process and quickly identify stable periods for recalibration.

Generate calibration reports

Once the calibration process is completed, a full calibration report detailing each of your device’s pre- and post-calibration values can be downloaded to easily track every step in the process.

The benefits of EcomCal


Increased accuracy

Adjusting the calibration of each device to its operating environment improves the accuracy of your air quality measurements.


Proactive maintenance

On-site calibration facilitates proactive maintenance by eliminating the need for shipping and receiving equipment.


Greater flexibility

EcomCal lets you choose the ideal time to recalibrate your devices and define your own calibration process.

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