Air quality monitoring in schools

Children are the most vulnerable and most likely to develop health problems as a result of prolonged exposure to air pollution. Air quality monitoring in their school environment is essential to find a solution to pollution peaks and educate faculty and students about air quality issues. 


1 - Indoor air quality measurement in classrooms

As part of a consortium led by our partner SGS, Ecomesure is providing thousands of air quality sensors in classrooms in Boston, U.S.A. Schools can therefore provide healthy environment to students and teachers and comply with federal, state and local guidelines.

Classroom carbon dioxide levels are also used as an indicator of air exchange rates to alert when natural or mechanical ventilation is required.


The collected data are public and directly viewable on the SGS Live View platform.



Air quality in Boston classrooms

2 - Outdoor air quality measurements in playgrounds

The EcomSmart are implementing at a preschool playground in the town of Vélizy to continuously quantify pollutants and compare them to the surrounding air quality. This allows Engie Solutions to evaluate the children's exposure to pollution and to test the effectiveness of the pollution control devices. Health professionals are also monitoring the benefits of the device in reducing asthma and allergies. 

Benefits of the solution:

  • Measurement of multiple parameters
  • Quality installation
  • Real-time alerts and alarms

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Qualité de l'air en cours de récréation école

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