Reduce risk and exposure with real-time wildfire monitoring

The number of extreme wildfire events will increase up to 14% by 2030. Monitoring fires in real time becomes more and more important to reduce health risks and take immediate actions if high-level pollutant concentrations are detected. 


Protecting workers from outdoor pollution caused by California wildfires

Workers for a major group were exposed to outdoor conditions in warehouses with constant in/out traffic. The company wanted to ensure OSHA/Cal wildfire regulation compliance with AQI for PM2.5 less than 150, to protect workers, while also preventing loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour in business interruption.


Our partner and integrator of Ecomesure’s solution, SGS Galson, installed hundreds of units with particle measurement sensors across over 50 facilities, to ensure workers were working under healthy conditions. Safe working conditions at the facilities were exhibited, minimizing employee concerns and maximizing logistical operations without disruption.


Investigating remnant pollution from California wildfires

Parents in a Los Angeles school district became worried about remnant pollutant emissions students may be exposed to from burnt foliage remnants from the 2018 wildfires. SGS Galson installed over a dozen units surrounding the schools of concern for several months. Sensors were equipped with CO, CO2, H2S, PM2.5 and PM10.  The school system was able to assure student and faculty safety.


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Using drones to assess fire-related risks

Drones equipped with sensors and cameras collect data from hyper-localized locations, enabling you to assess fire intensity, health risks and the post-fire situation. These invaluable tools make it possible to monitor and manage forest fires without endangering teams.

This is why Ecomesure is working in partnership with the Canadian company DroneXperts to offer a drone solution equipped with our mobile air quality monitor and a sampling probe.

Whether installing fixed sensors in indoor or outdoor, or deploying a mobile system on a drone, Ecomesure can help you gain a better understanding of the situation by mapping all the pollution generated by fires, using multiple measurement points.


Reduce Health Risk

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