Resetting the simulation system in the process industry

Manufacturers are keen to determine the impact, on air quality, of the plumes of chemical substances emitted by their installations on the immediate environment and in particular on those working on-site and on neighbors. 

OCP Group, a world leader in phosphates, was looking for a continuous monitoring solution and software to forecast the impact on air quality of chemical plumes (gas or particles), organic compounds and/or radiological or odorous compounds in their surrounding environment and notably at the level of on-site workers or residents.

Challenges : 

  • Hyperlocal and reliable air quality data
  • Industrial management
  • Data management with 3rd party software 
ECOMESURE, therefore,  suggested increasing the reliability of NUMTECH’s Plum’air system with its connected station EcomsmartNUMTECH is a company that produces systems for the OCP group in MORROCCO that simulate the movement of pollution from emission points using algorithms. 
  • Implementing a connected station for measuring outdoor air (EcomSmart): SO2, PM1, PM2.5, PM10
  • Storing the data on a web server
  • Transmitting the data to Plum’Air, a prediction tool that assists with decision-making on the basis of the impact of the atmospheric emissions of an industrial site,
  • Making available the services of the EcomSaaS web platform for monitoring environmental data via a secure protocol (SSL): data visualization, mapping, storage, downloading, remote control, alarms/alerts, data analysis, reports, exchange of data (FTP transfer, API link, export database tools for integrating the data with other platforms)
  • The precision of the simulation system
  • Easy to install and use (plug and play)
  • Real-time monitoring (alerts/alarms) 

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