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Integrated, tailor-made solutions

With solid expertise in metrology, connectivity, communication and data management technologies, Ecomesure develops, manufactures and operates fully integrated solutions tailored to its customers’ needs.

Our data management web platform is protected by U.S. and European patents and we possess the skills and expertise needed to make any field measurement accessible in real time over a network. 

Believers in collaboration, we guide our customers throughout the entire process of innovating, developing, and implementing of their projects. 

Case Study 1

Remea project

Construction work generates dust that can be harmful to both the environment and workers involved in demolition or excavation operations or working in confined spaces. Monitoring air quality and noise is therefore essential.

Ecomesure proposed setting up a network of air and noise monitors to enhance the management of construction sites led by Remea, a soil remediation company. We provided Remea with EcomSaaS, a web platform for monitoring environmental data (visualization, mapping, storage, downloading, remote control, alarms/alerts, data post-treatment, analysis reports, API link, etc.).


  • Data collected by any measurement device are centralized and managed on a single platform
  • Plug and play design for easy use and maintenance
  • Suited to tough environments: waterproof and compact
REMEA project
Case Study 2

Rio Tinto Project

Rio Tinto, a multinational mining corporation, contacted Ecomesure to help it meet legal requirements to protect the health and safety of the employees at its Madagascar site and of neighboring populations.

The company wanted a solution that:

  • Was self-powered
  • Easy to transport
  • Measured multiple parameters

We equipped the site with professional-grade multi-parameter EcomSmart monitors to continuously analyze the air quality. Each was fitted with solar panels for energy generation. In addition, their small form factor means that each one can easily be moved from place to place. Data is accessible at all times via the dedicated EcomSaaS web platform.


  • Data can be accessed in SaaS mode for viewing and downloading on any device.
  • Up to six pollutants (PMx, CO2, CO, NO2, SO2, H2S, and O3) and three environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure) can be measured; built-in GPS
  • Robust, weather-resistant design suitable for industrial settings
  • Lightweight and easy to move from site to site
RioTinto Project

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