Monitoring air quality in sewage treatment plants

Wastewater and sewage emit toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and volatile organic compounds (VOC). To prevent the exposure of workers and residents to harmful effects, changes in the concentration of pollutants in the air must be monitored.
VEOLIA, a leading company in the water, waste treatment, and energy sector, wanted an automated solution for managing environmental data. ECOMESURE proposed a comprehensive system that would:
  • Measure pollutants in the air surrounding sewage treatment plants (H2S and VOC)
  • Get data securely in real-time
  • Compare data from the devices located in sites
  • Control the sensors


  • Installing several connected stations (Ecomsmart) to continuously monitor all the pollutants (H2S and VOC) and environmental parameters (temperature, humidity and pressure).
  • Gathering the data from the devices and sending it to the ECOMESURE's cloud platform using 3G
  • Making available the EcomSaaS internet platform services to monitor environmental data via a secure protocol (SSL): data visualization, mapping, storage, downloading, remote control, alarms/alerts, data analysis reports, exchange of data (FTP transfer, API link, export database tools). All the data from the various stations are centralized.


  • Choosing sensors according to requirements (PM1, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, NO2, SO2, H2S, O3, COV, NH3...) 
  • Various energy supply sources (battery, solar panel, grid...)
  • Personalized frequency of data acquisition measurements
  • Multiple data integration (downloading in .xlsc and .csv, transferring with FTPS server, exporting to database, recovery using API connectors...)

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