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Samplers gas/ particle
Real time monitoring of air pollutants (dust, gas)
Air pollutant (dust, gas) sampling

Skypost PM is an automatic outdoor station for continuous atmospheric particulate monitoring by the sampling method on 47mm diameter filter membrane. The sequential substitution system of the filtering membrane with 16 membrane capacity, unified with the electronic flow rate controller allows continuous, unattended operations. The special realization of the filter substituting system, permits the replacement of the exposed filters without interrupting the sampling, therefore it is not necessary to intervene within a predetermined interval. It is produced in two versions with different flow rates.


Certified by TUV in accordance with the EN12341 and DM60 norms

Main applications:

  • Total particulate matter
  • Fractions 10, 2.5, 1 micron(PM10, PM2.5, PM1)
    • Heavy metals
    • 16 filter capacity
    • Electronic flow rate control
    • Measuring sensors with the following parameters:
      • Atmospheric pressure
      • Pressure drop on filter
      • Ambient temperature
      • Dry gas meter temperature
  • Volumetric measurement with dry gas meter within ±2% precision
  • Sample conditioning signal for:
    • wind direction
    • external signal * (ex. rain)
    • RS232 interface
  • Built-in printer
  • Remote control with dedicated software
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