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Samplers gas/ particle
Real time monitoring of air pollutants (dust, gas)
Air pollutant (dust, gas) sampling

Automatic outdoor station in accordance with the EN 12341 and EN 14907 reference methods. ECHO PM is a "stand alone" instrument projected also for outdoor operation in harsh climatic conditions. The wide regulation range and the accurate electronic flow sampling control at either actual or standard conditions, makes ECHO PM in accordance with the reference methods EN 12341 for PM 10 with head LVS PM10 2.3 m3/h, and US EPA 40 CFR pa rt 50 for PM10 and PM2.5 at 1m3/h. 

Main characteristics : 

In accordance with EN12341 and DM60 norms

  • Autonomous sampling with maximum 2 sequential samples* .
  • Electronically controlled flow rate sampling at standard and actual conditions
  • Wide graphical display with background illumination, dedicated keyboard, RS232 inter face
  • Permanent date and hour programming
  • Sampling time with 1" resolution is selectable from 1' to 168 h
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