Indoor Air
Real time monitoring of air pollutants (dust, gas)
Industrial Production Plants
Real time monitoring of air pollutants (dust, gas)

The airmoVOC C6C16 is used to monitor VOCs up to the semi-volatile hydrocarbons in industrial site, tropical forest and on-site under decontamination. 

With detection limit as low as 1 ppt for Benzene or Naphthalene the system can measure gaseous PAHs in ambient air in continue up to Fluorene and linear alcanes up to N-Hexadecane when coupled to Mass Spectrometer.

The fully automatic and in filed system allow to detect such compounds thanks to internal sampling line and ultra-high sensitivity.

Specific Vistachrom Software is used to pilot the instrument as well as the peripherals (e.g. gas generators) which can be provided with the instrument. 


The airmoVOC C6-C16 is based on airmoVOC Mcerts certified and USEPA selected. It is a gas chromatograph for analysis and monitoring of trace and ultra trace amounts of VOCs from PAMS, TO14, TO15, and S VOCs like linear alcanes up to N-Heptadecane or gaseous PAHs from Naphthalene to Anthracene in standard with FID detector. Miniaturization, sensitivity, mobility and flexibility are its main features. Everything from the sample port up to the data storage is integrated in a 19’’- rack 5U: - Uninterrupted sampling with pre-concentration on 1 absorbent tube - Gas chromatograph with 0.2 mm ID metallic column and programmable temperature gradient oven and pressure / flowcontrol of the carrier gas by piezo-valve


  • Heated injection valve
  • Automatic sampling with inbuilt heated line and concentration using an absorbent trap
  • Thermo desorption from the trap and direct injection into a metallic capillary column regulated by a temperature gradient up to 350°C. The H2 pressure (carrier gas) at the column head is controlled by a piezo valve.
  • The detection of all compounds eluting from the column is performed by a FID detector.

Key points:

  • Heated sampling line up to heated valve in the GC
  • Gaseous PAHs from Naphthalene C10 to Fluorene C13
  • Linear alcanes from C6 DimethylButane to C16 N-Hexadecane
  • No condensation part for C6 to C16+  


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