We spend almost 80% of our time indoors (houses, transport, work/school). Potential sources of pollution are numerous: building and furniture materials, human activity (smoking, cleaning products, DIY, kitchen), outside air and combustion devices. All these sources release different types of harmful chemicals: carbon monoxide, CO2, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, volatile organic compounds (benzene, ketones).  

ECOMESURE offers instruments that measure the air quality in public areas such as stations, shopping malls, cinemas, schools, universities.

Our solutions

  • To measure the indoor air quality: a connected station of multiparameters measurement, a range of analyzers and samplers selected for their silent efficiency; 
  • To identify the gases found indoors: (VOCs, BTEX, NO2) active and passive samplers;
  • To identify and measure the germ concentration in the air: a wide range of Microbiological Air Samplers.

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