A sensor specially designed for cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are certified once or twice a year to ensure minimum dust levels.

However, ISO standards recommend continuous monitoring of air quality in sensitive environments to prevent risks (ISO 14644-2 standard).

Thanks to a particulate matter sensor specifically designed for dust monitoring in cleanrooms, the ECOMZEN CR replaces a particle counter. The particle size measurements from 0,3 μm to more than 5.0 μm is accessible online every minutes via the platform www.i-comesure.com. 

Advantages :

  • High accurary and reactivity
  • Real-time remote access of data
  • Maintenance and energy consumption reduction
  • Risk prevention (overrun alerts)
  • Affordability

Applications :

  • Biology, pharmaceuticals, hospitals
  • Agribusiness, cosmetics
  • Biotechnologies, informatics
  • Microelectronics, optics
  • Aerospace, aeronautics

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