Drawing on the open innovation model, AIRLAB is building an ecosystem to make it easier for members from different horizons to meet and collaborate.

Lauching in Septembre 2017, it aims to remove the stumbling blocks that get in the way of innovative air quality solutions: mobilising funding, providing testing zones for operational tests, organising and facilitating data access, implementing project assessment processes, raising awareness on the solutions and getting people to adopt them.

AIRLAB encompasses all the issues linked to air quality: precise measurement of emissions and pollution levels, source-specific emissions reductions (transport, agriculture, industry and buildings), site clean-up efforts and the link to climate change.

To do this, AIRLAB covers a wide range of scientific fields: from chemistry, IT and engineering right through to behavioural sciences and design.

AIRLAB works as an ecosystem, bringing together partners that share the same common purpose: institutional bodies (regional authorities, agencies, institutes), large companies, academic researchers, SMEs and start-ups, as well as representatives from civil society. Ecomesure is a member of this lab and participates in improving air quality. 



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