ECOMESURE supports its customers in the use and maintenance of its instruments.

A team of technicians, each specialized in a specific field of application, provides:

  • Support for the use of equipment
  • Help for your measurements
  • Information on all technical inquiries

A wide range of services is also offered:

  • Installation of the device
  • Maintenance
  • Usage of the product
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Technical Support


The installation of the devices can be completed directly on site (industrial sites, urban areas, natural areas, etc.).

Some installations done under special conditions (at a certain height, in stacks, airports, etc.) require the intervention of technicians. That is why our teams move on site to ensure the proper installation of the devices.

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Our company carries out two types of maintenance:

  • Preventive  maintenance: maintenance and verification of the proper functioning of the unit (includes cleaning, changing the consumables, adjusting, calibration)
  • Corrective maintenance: repairing  failures.

As a guarantee of quality, a verification record certifying the proper functioning of the device will be issued after each intervention of preventive maintenance.

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Onsite intervention

If necessary, our team assists you on site in the maintenance or mending of instruments.

Technical hotline

A telephone hotline is at your disposal for any information regarding the use of the device, maintenance and technical support. Availability and support are part of our commitments and one of our priorities.

Contact the technical hotline by phone on +33 (0)1 70 56 44 00 or by e-mail at: