Rental of scientific instruments and connected systems

Our tailor-made service

Our devices are available for hire, for all your specific measurements.

The rental service is flexible and efficient, and can quickly meet your requirements:

  • Tailor the rental period to your needs;
  • A large range of products is available;
  • Each device is checked to ensure that it functions properly prior to being rented.

All our rental devices are inspected and maintained annually.

The unique value of ECOMESURE’S hire service lies in its expertise in the connectivity of ground data. Access to the i-comesure.com web platform is included in the rental* and provides access to operating data and the main measurements in real time from a dedicated web interface.


To check the compatibility of your scientific instruments with our data management system (Ecombox), please do not hesitate to contact us on + 33 (0)1 70 56 44 00 or email us at info@ecomesure.com.

*connected systems

Rental of scientific instruments and connected systems

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