Study and advice

To assist you in finding the best solution for your measurements, we offer two types of studies:

  • Instrumental study: With technical specifications, ECOMESURE supports you in the choice of the device that best suits your needs.
  • Application study: We advise you on methods of measurement and their regulatory compliance.

Conception of integrated solutions

ECOMESURE manufactures and designs custom projects answering client specifications. The aim is to provide a complete and efficient system, responding to unique issues.

Several variables must be taken into account: the adjustment to the environment (e.g. arid, tropical, very low temperature), as well as communication management and the provision of specific supplies.

Here are a few examples of integrated solutions:

Test Bench 

  • Standard:
    • Filtration Box Test Bench according to the EN 779 regulation (Veolia)
    • Media Bench Filter according to the EN 1822 regulation
  • Specific:
    • Multi-channel Filtration Test Bench following the ISO 5011 regulation (NBC SYS)
    • Salsa Aerosol Test Bench to test the effectiveness of filter cartridges and the penetration rate in military fabrics
    • An Air Conditioning Generating Bench to provide, in given flow ranges, an air with set humidity and temperature variables

Measuring Station

  • Integration of several instruments on a specific site
  • Providing an equipped shelter
  • Joint management of power provision, communication and data processing

Installations in hostile environments (IRD)


Adjustment to an isolated environment in the tropics:

  • Solar Panels: autonomy throughout the year
  • Tailored instruments: changing the protections against tropical rainfall